2014 – Animation Mentor – Advanced Body Mechanics 

Over the winter of 2014, I put a lot of effort into improving my animation skills by taking a course with Animation Mentor. This was something I did in my spare time, juggling my studies with full time work and everything else I do!

I loved having the opportunity (given by my employers) to learn more and see an improvement in my work on a weekly basis. I hope to continue studying with Animation Mentor, or other online animation schools.

2006 to 2009 – De Montfort University – First Class BA Hons Animation Design

I really enjoyed01 8Bit 01 my time at De Montfort, though practically every hour was spent working. Before starting the three year course I had very little understanding of 3D animation, but by the end I was modelling and animating like nobodies business!

The main focus of the three years was an introduction to the Maya software, gaining a working knowledge of the production pipeline from modelling and rigging to animation and rendering. We looked at principles behind design and animation and some theory behind art and film.

Other aspects of the course included compositing with Combustion, camera tracking for VFX shots, life drawing to gain understanding of anatomy and sound design to bring another level of life to our animations.

I graduated with a first class degree, not because it was easy, but because I put the time and effort in – because I wanted this to be my stepping stone into a career as a professional animator.

2005 to 2006 – The Oldham College – BTEC Diploma Art and Design

During this year of Art Foundation, I focussed on Fine Art, nurturing my ability to wield the brush and tell stories in a single image. I developed my understanding or form, composition and lighting, and incorporated film and flash animation tests as part of my course. I left the course with a high merit grade for my efforts.

2003 to 2005 – Oldham Sixth Form College

During these two years I developed my artistic side and explored with digital mediums as well as traditional ones. I studied Fine Art for which I received an ‘A’, Graphic Art focussing on digital illustration for which I received a ‘B’, and Film Studies which awarded me with a ‘C’.

1998 to 2003 – Failsworth Secondary School

Secondary education is about as exciting as one would expect. I got my ‘A’ grades in Art, Media and Duo Science, my ‘B’ grades in Maths and English Literature and Language, and my ‘C’ grades in Graphic Design, French and PE.

I think by this point people could guess what rout I was heading down.

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