October 2009 to Present – NSC Creative – CG Artist

It is unsurprising that NSC Creative, based at the National Space Centre, Leicester, do a lot of full-dome shows with non-terrestrial themes. ‘Astronaut 3D’, ‘We Are Aliens’, and our latest show focussing on our closest neighbour in space – ‘Moon’ – are all shows I have worked on over the passed three years.

However, our other shows focus on more down-to-Earth subjects. ‘Cell Cell Cell’, a character led show for which I created the rigging and the majority of character animation, focusses on cellular biology. In ‘4Dventure’, a show looking at how life survives and adapts in different biomes, I focussed on creature creation, rigging and animation.

My title with NSC Creative has been as a CG generalist, but with a specific lean towards pre-production and character work allowing me to develop my skills in these areas. However, I have been involved in all other aspects of the production pipeline from designing and modelling through to rendering and compositing.

During my time with NSCC I have had the opportunity to write and direct a number of small projects including a live action/VFX advertisement for the National Space Centre, content for a Weather Studio exhibition at the Space Centre, and most recently a three-part viral campaign to advertise the same Weather Studio exhibition.

Working with NSC Creative has allowed me to develop my skills as an animator and designer whilst gaining experience in industry, working as part of a team and under direction.

At NSC Creative I have been using 3Ds Max, Mudbox, After Effects and Photoshop among a range of other programmes.

April 2009 to February 2010 – ‘Retardo’ Freelance Commission – Animator

Even before leaving university in 2009 I was on the look out for any freelance work that could give me experience. ‘Retardo’ was a character animation piece commissioned by a London based playwright for a production of the same name. I worked solo on the piece that had six characters and a dramatic fight scene, and in the end created a two and a half minute animation that both myself and the client were very pleased with.

On this project I used Maya, including nCloth, and Combustion for compositing.

July 2009 to October 2009 – ‘Self Help’ Freelance Commission – Animator

‘Self Help’ was commissioned to be part of an independent film production and focussed on a man battling a beast. It was primarily a 2D manga style, hand drawn and coloured in photoshop then composited onto a 3D backdrop created in Maya.

July 2008 to September 2008 – ‘360RED Ident’ Freelance Commission – Animator

In the summer between my second and third years of university I made the attempt to gain industry experience, and so for a few months I was commissioned by 360RED, a small production studio in Leicester, to create a studio ident in which their logo grows from a mercury-like metal. This piece was animated in Maya and composited in Combustion.

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