3Ds Max Camera Flythrough Tutorial

3Ds Max Fulldome Tutorial

RIGGING IN 3DS MAX – Fundamentals Tutorial

creating stretchy IK bones in 3ds Max

  • create your bone system, say ArmUp/ArmLow/ArmEnd.
  • Set IK from ArmUp
  • find the sum of the bone lengths (6/4/0 = 10)
  • Find the percentage of bones to sum length (6/10 = 0.6 = 60%)
  • Use Expose Transform to find the distance between IK handle and IK root.
  • Wire Distance to ArmLow and ArmEnd XPosition using the following
    • if (Distance>10) then 6+(0.6*(Distance-10)) else 6

creating Adjust Bones in 3ds Max

  • with your bone system, create three points which will be pos/ori constrained to each bone of the sequence.
  • Create controls and parent them to each of these points and FreezeTrans
  • create new points per adjust bone used, and pos const between the two controls to the percentage needed. these also need a Look At to the control below. Up Node would be the point above.
  • create new controls and parent them to the points. freezeTrans.
  • If not done already, create an Arm Root node and parent everything to it. Include the adjust bones, which should be separated out and given end bones.
  • Pos Const bones and ends to their controls, lookAt to the control below and use the control above as the upnode
  • if you wish, wire the bones scale to it’s control’s scale.
  • Clavicle bones should be pos const to a control, then look at the ArmUp adjust control.
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