Oz Durose is a UK based Freelance Animator, specialising in 3D Character Animation. Need to breathe some life into your project? Give me a shout!

So what do I do?


As an animator, it is my primary goal bring a 3D model to life. This is done by posing the model into expressive key frames along a timeline.
This requires a good understanding of physics, body mechanics and animation principles.
Click the gif above to see examples of my work in both Maya and 3Ds Max.


The art of rigging is the art of skeleton building. Like our own bodies, 3D models need a complex system of bones to move correctly.
Simple, right? Not quite. With IK/FK systems, knee/elbow pinning and bendy limbs, among other functions, rigging is truly an art form.
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Illustration has always been a part of my life. Taking a simple sketch through to a final rendered piece takes time and skill, but is very satisfying.
This skill comes in handy when a project needs concept art work or storyboarding done, or if I just want to make a silly comic or two!
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I’ve been absolutely impressed with [his] efficiency, quality and flexibility. 

We very much hope to work with [him] again. 

Moog Gravett – The Trailer Farm

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