Hey guys,

Here you can find a number of examples of my written work in which I have used a number of different types of writing, from Prose to Scripts for Comics, on-stage Sketches, Presentations and Film/Animation.

I have recently put the finishing touches to a Pitch Bible for an animated series, as well as a speculative script for the pilot episode. Unfortunately I am not comfortable releasing this project to the public quite yet.

Some recent work –

The Unicorn


The Climber

and my comic Mr Think


Throughout my career as an animator, I have been given the opportunity to write as part of my job. Over the past eight years I have written a TV advert for a children’s museum, scripts for an interactive experience and three online advertisements promoting the experience. I have written treatments and pitches for animations, games and installations.

Last year I wrote an overarching storyline for a park-wide interactive experience. This story deals with the dawning of a threat towards a Kingdom of four divided clans, and includes backstories and hidden secrets for each one. This successful experience, ‘Battle for Cedar Point’, premiered at Cedar Point Amusement Park in June 2016.

Clients include the National Space Centre (‘WeatherPod’ Interactive Experience, TV Advertisement, Promotional Videos) and Cedar Fair Amusement Parks (‘Battle of Cedar Point’ clan backstories, ‘Secrets of ValRavn’).

Battle for Cedar Point – ValRavn Clan

Battle for Cedar Point – Gatekeeper Clan

The Eyes of Vucub”

The Eyes of Vucub is a novel idea I have been working on over the past few years, and one that I hope to continue with in the coming years. Below is a brief blurb about the piece, followed by a number of example chapters.

An old man from an ancient tribe has lost the last of his faith.

A captain with a dying daughter has lost the last of his hope.

A private collector looking to secure a hidden treasure.

Charles B. VonDemonde may be getting on a bit, but he is still the best damned burglar if the prize suited him enough. Life for him was fine, until a young, crippled man dug up a past he had hoped buried forever.

And now the dilemma – to continue living as he does and die an old man with memories of glory, or take up his last adventure and die a hero?


VUCUB_Chapter One

VUCUB_Chapter Two

Short Strories

Below are a number of short stories I have written over the past few years. These have all be written in my spare time, and have mostly been for my own entertainment and practice, but some have been performed at reading and literary events.

The Short Tale of Charles B VonDemonde

A short story written a number of years ago, which inspired ‘The Eyes of Vucub’

Heart of Stone

A piece of flash fiction taking a great amount of inspiration from Poe, Lovecraft and Stevenson. I performed this piece as part of a Halloween literary event in 2010


This is a short, horror based non-linear exercise.


Below are a number of examples of sketches I have written to be performed as part of a multimedia entertainment evening. The quarterly event is hosted by Holy Trinity Church, Leicester, and covers a range of topics including ‘Addiction’, ‘Relationships’ and ‘Heroes’.


An example of a sketch written to illustrate how addiction works using the positive and negative reinforcement models. The 15 minute sketch was written to entertain, but also teach about the serious effects of addiction.


A 10 minute sketch narrating the hardships of relationships. This piece was performed and accompanied by a couple dancing.


Below is a link to a comic I wrote and illustrated as an exercise in writing and illustration.

Zombies of Z-Drive Page One

A seven page comic about the terrors of accidentally deleting all of your work.

Mr Think

A short comic I have been working on during my commute to work.

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