The Eyes of Vucub

This is the first novel idea I have taken seriously and hope to finish at some point.

An old man from an ancient tribe has lost his faith.

A Captain with a dying daughter has lost all hope.

A private collector looking to secure a hidden treasure.

In 1911, Charles B. Vondemonde may have been an old man, but he was still the best damned burglar, if the prize suited him enough. Life for him was fine, until a mysterious young man in a wheelchair dug up a past he had hoped buried forever.

And now the dilemma – to continue living as he did and die an old man with memories, or take up his last adventure and die a hero?

This story is an adventure through the mythos of the Mayan peoples from a very stiff, British perspective with characters I hope amuse and intrigue.

Below is a prologue for you to take a  whet your appetite.






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