Welcome to OzDurose.com!

Welcome to OzDurose.com, the online internet home of Oz Durose!


This is where I will be posting a multitude of my Animation, Writing and Illustration work.

If you would like to see my Character Animation Showreel, click the link!

If you would like to show some appreciation, Buy Me A Coffee!

Please feel free to peruse the site at your leisure. Below you will find my more recent submissions to the site.

All work on OzDurose.com have been created by Oz Durose unless otherwise stated.

I do use a number of online rigs, so I can’t claim ownership of those, and a number of animations have been created as part of studio work and thus belong to the studio. I also have used a couple of images from the internet to set as featured images for my written work.

Do not copy, download or print anything published here without written permission from me. Thank you

Copyright Oz Durose 2010 – 2017

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