Animation Graduate Advice, Pt1.1 – Learn What You Want To Do

The other day, a guy got in contact on LinkedIn. He had just graduated from the same animation course that I did 12 years before and simply asked for advice about getting into the industry. A lot has changed since I graduated – most significantly the course had changed from teaching 3D animation to 2DContinue reading “Animation Graduate Advice, Pt1.1 – Learn What You Want To Do”

Two Headed Animation

So for a few months throughout 2020, I had the privilege to work with Derek Friesenborg (Moana, Frozen, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs) on a personal project he had been working on for a while. I joined several other very talented animators to help bring the animation to life, taking a short, 15 secondContinue reading “Two Headed Animation”

Quill VR Tests

A Photo from a Friend So the other day, a good friend who worked with me at Sumo sent me a photo of my old desk, empty and deserted, screens blank, wacom un-loved. It was a kind gesture, one that said ‘we miss you, dude’, a sentiment that I share. And so I sent himContinue reading “Quill VR Tests”

Showreel 2018

///EDIT/// I have updated my reel, with some more recent work, please visit my Showreel Page to check it out!   Hey guys! My name is Oz Durose, I am a Freelance 3D Character Animator working in Leicester, UK. Feel free to check my Animation and Showreel pages for more info. Cheers!

Paper Drawing

On May 6th, 2017, I made signed a contract between myself and a lady named Kate which stated that every thing I owned was hers, and everything she owned was mine. That she would look after me during health and the lack of it, in return that I would look after her also. That weContinue reading “Paper Drawing”


Now this is what I’m talking about. Short story time. Sorry, but this is a little longer than both my previous attempts put together. It’s not strictly keeping to the inspiration from 365 Creative Writing Prompts, but is definitely inspired by it. Here you go… Day 3! The Vessel: Write about a ship or other vehicleContinue reading “365 CREATIVE WRITING PROMPTS – DAY 3 – The Unicorn.”


Calamity Joe, the smart git, chose to do all of his Cinematic work directly in UE4. I mean, ok, he is a young intern fellow, full of optimism and willingness to learn. So the opposite of myself. I have over 8 years experience in the animation industry. I am used to animating every detail inContinue reading “PRODUCTION DIARY OF [CENSORED DUE TO NDA] – WEEK 4 – Smacking Ones Head Against UE4.”

PRODUCTION DIARY OF [CENSORED DUE TO NDA] – WEEK 3 – Mocap to Character, Previs and Mistakes.

Let me start by saying this. Directing a mocap shoot is fun. It’s tiring – I mean it really took it out of me – but it was fun. Sifting through all of the data, trying to find the best take is not fun. It’s just tiring. I suppose it is like sifting through hoursContinue reading “PRODUCTION DIARY OF [CENSORED DUE TO NDA] – WEEK 3 – Mocap to Character, Previs and Mistakes.”


I have always been quite an active fella. Sure, my skills at a sport or a martial art were never up to scratch (I downright refused to play football during PE at school) but my preference was for the arts; drama and dance, something with a little more storytelling (though I struggle with contemporary danceContinue reading “PRODUCTION DIARY OF [CENSORED DUE TO NDA] – WEEK 2.2 – Motion Capture Fun!”

PRODUCTION DIARY OF [CENSORED DUE TO NDA] – WEEK 2.1– Some More on Cinematography, Animatics and Mocap Prep

Just throwing this out there… This Production Diary entry is gonna be less about what I did, and more pointing out a couple of techniques and other things I am aware of whilst doing the work. So probably a little less ‘funny-funny-har-har’, and more ‘hmm… I see’. But Hey! let me tell you a coupleContinue reading “PRODUCTION DIARY OF [CENSORED DUE TO NDA] – WEEK 2.1– Some More on Cinematography, Animatics and Mocap Prep”

Production Diary of [CENSORED DUE TO NDA] – Week 1 – Storyboard and Animatic

This year (well… week, really – 4 days if you want to be specific – Monday was a Bank Holiday) I have been mostly spitting out sweet storyboards, filthy and quick, for a short cinematic project that will probably only last a month at most. I wanted to keep a production diary of the process,Continue reading “Production Diary of [CENSORED DUE TO NDA] – Week 1 – Storyboard and Animatic”

Kikrill and Athnox

Soo… maybe a bit of an explanation is in order here… I have a couple of friends at work who are into the whole boardgame and RPG sort of thing. Their names are not Kikrill or Athnox, but pretty damn close! Anyway, I had this idea for a short story a little while ago aboutContinue reading “Kikrill and Athnox”

Hammer And Nail

Hey guys, I wanted to try something out that resembled a Hearthstone or Magic art style. This was the result. It was fun working with some more dynamic poses, but I think I may have gone a bit over the top on the magic FX. I thought this was a really fun exercise in lightingContinue reading “Hammer And Nail”


A very stylised Critical Role portrait of one of my favourite character – Travis Willingham’s character Grog Strongjaw. This one has taken me a little time, but I’m very happy with how it has turned out! Check the WIP gif below!


So it’s taken me a couple of days to paint this Critical Role portrait of Keyleth, played by Marisha Ray. It’s quite polished, and a little too clean maybe, but I am happy with it non the less. Below is a quick development gif, showing the piece at different stages.

Some More Animations

Hey guys, thought it was high time I’d add a few more animations to the blog. These focus on body mechanics and video reference. Some are better than others, but I think they work well as tests. Marionette Game Animation Tests   Below is a number of tests leading to the pieces above Rig: UltimateContinue reading “Some More Animations”


Another portrait paint of a character from Critical Role, this time it’s Percival played by Taliesin Jaffe. I get the feeling I’m going to do a series of these, just trying to better my portrait painting skills.

Vex’ahlia DP WIP

So I thought I would put up a couple of pictures to show the process I used to create the Vex’ahlia painting. Originally I was just looking to create an image using a dynamic pose. Rather than trying to imagine one (and possibly throw the entire painting out of whack), I searched until I foundContinue reading “Vex’ahlia DP WIP”

Welcome to!

Welcome to, the online internet home of Oz Durose! This is where I will be posting a multitude of my Animation, Writing and Illustration work. If you would like to see my Character Animation Showreel, click the link!


Hey guys, so a quick update on yesterday’s Creative Writing Prompt. So basically I have had an idea of making a fantasy children’s story, written and illustrated by myself. Yesterday’s prompt inspired something that would fit into it quite nicely, but it isn’t quite finished yet. I get the feeling that I will be re-workingContinue reading “365 CREATIVE WRITING PROMPTS – DAY 5 – THE DRAGON’S MEAL”

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