Two Headed Animation

So for a few months throughout 2020, I had the privilege to work with Derek Friesenborg (Moana, Frozen, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs) on a personal project he had been working on for a while.

I joined several other very talented animators to help bring the animation to life, taking a short, 15 second section and running with it! Above is a proxy render I did of the final 15 seconds. As you will note, the cloth sim has not been done and lighting/rendering is my own work for the purpose of sharing the piece.

This project, done in spare time, was a really great opportunity to work with such a great animator. Derek has such a keen eye for motion and was able to direct wonderfully from the other side of the Atlantic, using a mix of written feedback, draw-overs and a number of in-depth zoom calls.

At times, the feedback really tested me, forcing me to look at the animation with a level of detail I hadn’t reached before, considering how the personality of each character should come across, even in this, a very subtle scene.

When I got the approval and permission to share the work, I set up a basic lighting rig and played with layers and effects in After Effects to create a visual style I have been using for my Finngirm Studios work. it’s pretty basic, but I think a pretty cool style.

For more on the Two Headed Cop project, visit

Working with Derek was a great learning experience as well as an opportunity to be part of a really fun project. I look forward to seeing the final piece hopefully later this year.



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