Big Tree City Animation Reel

Back in 2021 I had the great honour of joining Blue Zoo as a Lead Animator on Season 1 of their IP, Big Tree City.

All together, I think I animated a full 10 minutes for the series, so instead of showcasing it all, I have compiled a reel of my favourite shots and sequences.

One thing that really drew me to the project (besides it being the mighty BZ) was just how beautiful the production looked! It looks so tactile, like actual toys made out of candy! You know, all of the good stuff in the world!

It was only once I had got hands on with the project that I realised just how funny it was! There are so many great jokes in this series that would go well over kid’s heads, and that, to me, is a sign of great gag making and cartoon writing – this is true joint viewing, both child and parent can love it!

If you’d like to see more, you can watch the series on Netflix!

Go! Go do that now! I will wait.

You’re back?


Now watch this. It is my pièce de résistance for the show. When I was given this episode, I knew that I had to take on this wonderful sequence! It was just so funny, and – being a lindy hopper – I was able to incorporate my dancing into it! Look our for the 20’s Charleston!

Cheers all! And thanks for reading!

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