Spooky Animorsels Animation! Pt2 Character(s)!

Good Morning all! So in my last post I talked about setting the mood and the atmosphere for my Animorsels piece, This included a lot of modelling, lighting and rendering, as well as a jaunt down particle lane. I cam up with something I was really pleased with, but this scene, as a single package,Continue reading “Spooky Animorsels Animation! Pt2 Character(s)!”

Early Morning Cartooning and Other Animation Tests

Hey guys! How’s it going? So as I think I had mentioned before, I am trying to do a bit more animation in my personal time. Now, I am sure I am not the only person who finds it difficult to spend an hour or so practising your art after a full day of work.Continue reading “Early Morning Cartooning and Other Animation Tests”


Hey guys, So back in May I posted the OZ AND KATE WEDDING ANIMATION – MODELLING! blog, looking at the design principles used when creating the characters and artwork for my wedding. Today I have the follow-up post, showing off the Rig I had created for the characters, but the best way to do this was byContinue reading “OZ AND KATE WEDDING ANIMATION – RIGGING!”