Hey guys, so a quick update on yesterday’s Creative Writing Prompt.

So basically I have had an idea of making a fantasy children’s story, written and illustrated by myself. Yesterday’s prompt inspired something that would fit into it quite nicely, but it isn’t quite finished yet. I get the feeling that I will be re-working it quite a bit, and as such I am only happy to post a little bit of this significantly unfinished work.

The prompt was:
5. Food: What’s for breakfast? Dinner? Lunch? Or maybe you could write a poem about that time you met a friend at a cafe.

And here is a small portion of what I have written.

But there is one mean and cruel monster,

He truly is a greedy old beast.

All the other animals and creatures,

He considers his personal feast.

Griffins and Pixies and Minotaur too

Succumb to his monstrous appetite

The great mighty Dragon, the fiercest of all,

Nothing can escape his great bite!

Goblins with slime, and Kracken with Lime

He’d snatch up and devour at a glance,

He’d eat humans too, like me and like you,

If he was given half of a chance!

It stalks and it chases and it finds what it seeks,

Escaping him is beyond hard.

With a great breath of fire from his mighty cruel mouth

He barbecues prey till its charred.

With piercing red eyes and great jagged teeth,

He can crunch through rock and through flesh,

He eats everything he lays eyes on,

Because eating is what he does best!

As I say, I hope to continue with this, padding it out into a larger story of mythical foods, but it may take a little time. Plus, rhyming everything is difficult – you think writing prose is hard? Not sure if you are using the right words? Try being unsure if you are using the right words AND having the uncertainty of the rhyme you have used being the right rhyme to convey the idea!

It’s a challenge, anyway.

So that was yesterday. Today I am working on another fun short story, so I will post that up as soon as I am finished.

Catch you later!

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