New Illustrations! Joanna and Lion-o

So recently I have been watching through a number of cool tutorials. This has all come about through a boredom of spending an hour a day on a train, and looking to invest in a piece of kit that would allow me to utilise that time nicely.

So going through these tutorials, I have created a couple of pieces as tests and just for the joy of drawing, both pieces have totally different art style (Painterly Vs Cell Shaded) and subject matters (a Harpist Vs the Lord of the Thundercats). Sometimes it is nice to venture into different styles 🙂

For the portrait of Joanna Newsom, I was looking at this tutorial by Ahmed Aldoori

For Lion-o, I was just interested in learning some slight colour theory, and found this amusing tutorial by LeslieLu Marie.

I was also really interested how lightning or hit effects are made, and found that Jason Keyser’s Basic Hit Impact Tutorial was perfect for me.

I am working on another piece, taking inspiration from another amazing illustrator, but I will post that up when it is ready!

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