Christmas Illustrations!

Every Christmas, my wife and I meet up with a group of friends, have a big board games night in and exchange gifts! A lovely festive event that, if I am honest, I find quite stressful. The reason being that, frankly, I am pretty bad at picking gifts for people, and their gifts always seemContinue reading “Christmas Illustrations!”

Animorsels, NaNoWriMo and some Drawings

Hey guys! So it has been a little while since I have added anything to this blog… well, let’s just say it’s not because I have been lazy. NaNoWriMo After a while focusing on spending each morning animating, I then turned my attention to a bit of writing; spending my early mornings doing some writingContinue reading “Animorsels, NaNoWriMo and some Drawings”

Sketches and Fjord

So since the last post with some pictures, I haven’t been able to do anything I said I wanted to do – which was pretty much to write and do some comic stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to do some more writing, and I have a few writing workshops coming up, whichContinue reading “Sketches and Fjord”

Many Apologies… and a couple of pictures

Apologies So first I have to apologise. It has been far too long since I have worked on my webcomic Mr Think. I posted page 16 a couple of weeks ago, and I am halfway through page 17, but it has been months since I have regularly posted. I am looking forward to finishing theContinue reading “Many Apologies… and a couple of pictures”

Oz and Kate Wedding – Guest Illustrations

So a number of you may have seen that in May of last year I got married! First off, I have to say it was an incredible day, not only for what it meant to my wife and I as a couple, but also because of the amount of fun everyone had on the day.Continue reading “Oz and Kate Wedding – Guest Illustrations”

The Irrefutable Wisdom of Mr Think Chapter 1, pages 11 to 15

Well it has been a while, but I have finally passed my 15 page milestone! woop woop! CHECK IT OUT HERE! So what can I say? What have I been working on that takes precedence over my webcomic? well, if you haven’t checked out the ‘Hope’ project I did, then go ahead! that took quiteContinue reading “The Irrefutable Wisdom of Mr Think Chapter 1, pages 11 to 15”

7 Days of Pete Spotting

This is going to seem weird, but I’m ok with that. Today I photoshopped my friend’s face onto every character on the Thor: Ragnarok movie poster. ok, let me back up a little bit. A few months ago someone at our church needed to borrow an inflatable bed. My wife and I could help herContinue reading “7 Days of Pete Spotting”


Sorry it’s taken so long – it’s been a while since I started this piece, but I’m happy with it now! But this here is tribute to one of the wisest, most down-to-earth and likeable characters in the whole thing! Kerrek as played by Patrick Rothfuss. Love this character! you can probably tell that myContinue reading “[CRITICAL ROLE] THE BLACKSMITH PALADIN PORTRAIT”

The Irrefutable Wisdom of Mr Think Chapter 1, pages 6 to 10

Hey hey, you lucky people! SO I have finally finished the 10th page of Mr Think, and have started on pages 11-15. This has been really good fun and I think that I have another 10 pages before the end of the chapter. I have a couple of great ideas for the next chapter andContinue reading “The Irrefutable Wisdom of Mr Think Chapter 1, pages 6 to 10”

The Irrefutable Wisdom of Mr Think Chapter 1, pages 1 to 5

Well well, you lucky lucky people! The first five pages of my new Webcomic are up. Click the image above to check them out! About Mr Think “Mr Think. Always happy to think when you don’t want to!” Do you have an unsolvable problem? Do you have a puzzle that is halting your progress? AreContinue reading “The Irrefutable Wisdom of Mr Think Chapter 1, pages 1 to 5”