The Irrefutable Wisdom of Mr Think Chapter 1, pages 1 to 5


Well well, you lucky lucky people! The first five pages of my new Webcomic are up. Click the image above to check them out!

About Mr Think

“Mr Think. Always happy to think when you don’t want to!”

Do you have an unsolvable problem? Do you have a puzzle that is halting your progress? Are you simply not bothered enough to figure something out? Maybe you need Mr Think – The Super Hero who holds The Power Of Thought!

When Detective Honeydue faces a dark and dreadful crime so complex that he is simply downright stumped, he calls upon the wisdom of the Mighty Hero. But what of the consequences?


Well… why not. It’s always been a passion of mine to tell stories in a visual style. I have always wanted to make a comic, and I figured now is the best time to do it!

I am greatly influenced by a lot of the indies and webcomics; Bird Boy and Rickety Stitch and all that. Jim Zub, author of Skull Kickers and a few DnD comics is an inspiring figure, especially since his background is in Animation, like mine. I asked myself, now that I am 30, what is my 5 year plan, professionally speaking. Or even better, what do I hope to have achieved in 5 years. My answer was that I hoped to be invited to a comicon as a creator of comics. Now I don’t know how likely that would be, but you have to give it a shot, and you have to start somewhere. Mr Think is where I start.


I live in one city and work in another. My daily commute takes an hour and a quarter each way, thirty minutes of these are on the train. That meant I spend an hour every sat on a train doing nothing, and had three hours of my day taken away from me. Needless to say I was getting quite fed up; I had ideas I wanted to pursue and things I wanted to create, but didn’t have the time!

So I invested in a decent drawing tablet computer so I could sketch and write and animate on the train. And this has been the out come. I found myself with a silly idea about a super hero whose power was to Think, and I ran with it. I had a base idea that I developed on the train, some quick sketches and designs of characters I could draw quite easily, and set to draw a comic during my daily commute.

This is almost like a training exercise for me. With my personal plan to be part of the comic industry, I realised I had to start somewhere; no matter how short or silly the story, no matter how quick and cheap the art work.

You want to make comics? Then make a comic.


I hope to add new pages every week, but for now I have the first five pages ready for you all. Please check them out here.

I hope you guys enjoy! If you do, please let me know and please share!



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