7 Days of Pete Spotting

This is going to seem weird, but I’m ok with that.

Today I photoshopped my friend’s face onto every character on the Thor: Ragnarok movie poster.

ok, let me back up a little bit. A few months ago someone at our church needed to borrow an inflatable bed. My wife and I could help her out, and she got in contact on Whatsapp. Having never met her before (it’s quite a large church), we posted a photo of ourselves and told her to say hi if she spotted us.

This started an influx of our friends ‘Spotting’ us – taking stealthy pictures of us and posting them on our whatsapp group with the word ‘Spotted’. One of the main culprits was a guy called Pete. After a number of his posts, I thought I’d get my own back. One night, at church, I took a photo of Pete, and this is what I did with it.

The following is my story of a week of ‘Pete Spotting’ as I posted it for 7 days on Whatsapp.


A Week of Pete Spotting. Day 1.

Yesterday I spotted the infamous Pete at a church service. I couldn’t help but take a photo to prove this, but it got me wondering, where else could I find a Pete?

Today I kept my eyes peeled in case I found another one. And I did. Today I spotted a Pete training an Elephant at the zoo!

Makosch Zoo

I wonder where I might spot him tomorrow.

This got a bit of a laugh. So I thought I would continue.


A Week of Pete Spotting. Day 2.

As a child, I always watched CBBC hoping someone had sent a surprise birthday card in for me. Even on the days I knew it wasn’t my birthday.

This is something I still do. And you wouldn’t believe who I spotted!

Makosch CBBC


A Week of Pete Spotting. Day 3.

Well, I think it’s just perfect timing that it is Pete’s birthday today. And would you believe it, I just spotted him down the pub. I don’t know how much I had to drink, but I’m sure I was seeing double of seeing double!

Makosch Pub


A Week of Pete Spotting. Day 4.

I was asked by my parents to go through my old stuff today. Amidst the dolls and hoop-and-sticks I once played with as a child, I came across a score of old posters I once used to adorn my bedroom walls. When I looked closely, you’d never guess who I spotted!!

Makosch Zone


A Week of Pete Spotting. Day 5.

My travels have taken me far and wide. Whilst going about my weekly shop, I was shocked to spot these in the Japanese Supermarket!

Makosch Market

This proved a little subtle for some of my friends, but he’s in there 8 times!


A Week of Pete Spotting. Day 6.

Simply put – Spotted whilst researching historical art.

Makosch Tapestry


A Week of Pete Spotting. Day 7.

It has been a long week of Pete Spotting, and today it comes to a close. Having spotted Petes in many different places, it almost feels like I have trained my mind to spot Petes where Petes may not be. I look to the stars to ease my mind, and wonder at the planets, stars and nebulae. But then I see it. Oh goodness, I see it! Will I ever Stop Spotting Petes!?!

Makosch Nebula


Well… that was a few weeks ago. My friends told me how much they had enjoyed it, the images making them smile every single day that week. And I enjoyed creating the images, just to do something that really amused me! And I hope they amused you too.

Today something I was looking forward to fell through, and I felt somewhat disappointed about it. I mentioned it to my church friends on Whatsapp, and they were all really encouraging and wanted to make sure I was ok. Here’s my response.


So I have to admit, I’m pretty disappointed. So I thought I’d cheer myself up by looking what films are currently playing…

You’ll never guess who I spotted!!!



Hope you’ve enjoyed this little tale of photoshopping the same face on many people. It can be fun!

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