Sketches and Fjord

So since the last post with some pictures, I haven’t been able to do anything I said I wanted to do – which was pretty much to write and do some comic stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, I still want to do some more writing, and I have a few writing workshops coming up, which will hopefully kickstart a couple of ideas I have.

Instead, I have been doing some more animation and illustration work. Last week I posted the Human Insult – Animation post with my latest polished animation, but I have been playing around with some additional anim tests. Below are a number of illustrations I have done recently, mostly sketched drawn during a bit of down time I have at work.

I haven’t been doing too much illustration on the train, as I am currently reading through Patrick Rothfuss’ Name of the Wind and Wise Man’s Fear, which I have been tearing through!

Anyway, of what I do have to show, this is the best for now. I hope you enjoy!


Season 2 of Critical Role is well underway, and some characters are more likeable than others. By far, my favourites are Fjord, Jester and Nott. Fjord, the half-ork, is a great character with a sharp mind, wild-west mannerisms, and seafaring backstroy. I have wanted to draw him for some time, with a very distinct visual style. This picture can be seen below.


Unfortunately, I much prefer the style and costume of the pencil sketch, but I didn’t have this on hand when I started the digital picture, so decided to plow on regardless.


Other stuff…

A mix of digital work and pencil sketches – mostly idle sketching and tests.


What’s Next?

Well… I’m actually spending a bit of time doing animation. I have writing workshops coming up, so you might hear back from me with a couple of those, but I have just started a new illustration, so I think that will probably be my next post.

Thanks for reading!



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