Family Holiday One Page RPG

So this past week I have been on holiday with my family. It was a really great time with my parents and sister (and bro-in-law). We ate some amazing food, drank some amazing wine and saw some amazing sights.

And, like all family vacations, it had it’s fare share of conflict.

It’s true to say that every family member has their pros and their cons, their quirks and their virtues – I am no exception. I am sure I annoyed my sister as much as she annoyed me.

So I made a game about it.


The game is a one-page, one-shot role playing game in which you play members of a family on a vacation. Every player has their positive traits and their negative traits, and a limited amount of patience.

Now this has been a fun little exercise for me, having designed a couple of short games before. So I might continue exploring new game ideas. I will also try to add another file shortly with some more detailed rules (if needed).

But for now, I hope you enjoy!



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