I have been animating since I was young, but got into 3D work about 11 years ago. Below are a number of projects I have produced, either for University, freelance/studio work or just playing around!

Human Insult

A lip sync test I have been working on in my spare time for a little while. Check out the write up here.

Marionette Animation Tests

Some nice little animations I did as a test. The character is meant to be a marionette, which had it’s own complications when thinking about weight and personality.


Some jump animations I did in prep for a workshop I gave to a load of VFX/Animation students in Nottingham.

Wedding Animation!

a short animation I produced to entertain the guests at my wedding during the signing of the register.

Some other animations

More Lip Sync!

A personal Project looking at rigging and body mechanics

Animation Mentor – Advanced Body Mechanics

11 Second Club Entries

Brockstars Viral Videos

Freelance Work

University Work