Some More Animations

Hey guys, thought it was high time I’d add a few more animations to the blog. These focus on body mechanics and video reference. Some are better than others, but I think they work well as tests.

Marionette Game Animation Tests


Below is a number of tests leading to the pieces above

Rig: Ultimate Bony

These are a number of short, snappy game animations focusing on trying to replicate a feeling of a Marionette puppet. I was asked to give it more attitude, which is why some seem to work more cartoon-like than puppet-like.  It was interesting trying to achieve a feel of weight with the character being suspended by strings.

Backflip Animation Test

Model: Kye Holt Rig: Myself (c) Holovis

Video Reference:

As a personal test, I wanted to see if I could animate a realistic backflip, something that resembled motion capture, but was fully hand keyed. Really happy with the output of this. Obviously it has been sped up to a natural speed from the slow-mo reference.

Spider Game Animation

Model: Arron Manchester Rig: Myself (c) Holovis

I was asked to produce a number of animations of small spiders that would attack a player in an on-rails FPS. These are the different animations created for that project.

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