Kikrill and Athnox

Kikril And Athnox_int

Soo… maybe a bit of an explanation is in order here…

I have a couple of friends at work who are into the whole boardgame and RPG sort of thing. Their names are not Kikrill or Athnox, but pretty damn close!

Anyway, I had this idea for a short story a little while ago about two street rat thieves in a dark fantasy city, one is a lanky and silly elf, the other is a hot-headed human who believes with all his heart that he is a dwarf (spoiler – he isn’t a dwarf), and believes everything he says to be true. I’m not saying these are the particular qualities of my friends, but it’s pretty damn close!

So I have joked with my friends, shooting around these names a couple of times, and when I created my Hammer and Nail piece, I jokingly told them it was of Kikrill and Athnox. And they believed me.

It was hightime I actually designed the characters I had envisioned them to be and so created the mock comic book cover above. I added, as a little personal joke, a cameo of myself. I needed a character completely opposing to Kikrill and Athnox to represent myself, something to show off my own jovial, imaginative and incredibly intelligent personality that I bring to our group.

Thus Doctor Roxx (a bastardisation of Durose), the Happy Magic Ghost Dog, was created.

Below is a bit of a WIP gallery as I am wont to do. But if you would like to fund me to make this whole comic a reality, SEND MONEY!



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