Hey Guys! So I still have a load of free time at work, and as such I have been able to continue expanding my own skills as an animator. After learning a lot from the League of Legends exercise I completed a few weeks ago, I decided to do a couple of shorter animations toContinue reading “ANIMATION SKETCHES 09/18”

LOL Cinematic Animation Exercise Part 1

Morning All! So recently I have finished a short personal project; an animation based on one of Riot Game’s League of Legends Cinematics. A New Dawn was released in 2014, when I was still a young and impressionable CG generalist exploring a career as an animator. Needless to say, the animation blew my mind, and theseContinue reading “LOL Cinematic Animation Exercise Part 1”

Character Design – Spies!

Hey guys! So recently I have really enjoyed coming up with ideas for children’s animated TV series. Developing ideas, characters and narrative is something I can really sink my teeth into. Not only do I love the literary work, but as an animator and illustrator, I love designing the characters as well! Below are twoContinue reading “Character Design – Spies!”

The Irrefutable Wisdom of Mr Think Chapter 1, pages 11 to 15

Well it has been a while, but I have finally passed my 15 page milestone! woop woop! CHECK IT OUT HERE! So what can I say? What have I been working on that takes precedence over my webcomic? well, if you haven’t checked out the ‘Hope’ project I did, then go ahead! that took quiteContinue reading “The Irrefutable Wisdom of Mr Think Chapter 1, pages 11 to 15”

The Irrefutable Wisdom of Mr Think Chapter 1, pages 6 to 10

Hey hey, you lucky people! SO I have finally finished the 10th page of Mr Think, and have started on pages 11-15. This has been really good fun and I think that I have another 10 pages before the end of the chapter. I have a couple of great ideas for the next chapter andContinue reading “The Irrefutable Wisdom of Mr Think Chapter 1, pages 6 to 10”

Kikrill and Athnox

Soo… maybe a bit of an explanation is in order here… I have a couple of friends at work who are into the whole boardgame and RPG sort of thing. Their names are not Kikrill or Athnox, but pretty damn close! Anyway, I had this idea for a short story a little while ago aboutContinue reading “Kikrill and Athnox”