The Irrefutable Wisdom of Mr Think Chapter 1, pages 11 to 15

Well it has been a while, but I have finally passed my 15 page milestone! woop woop!


So what can I say? What have I been working on that takes precedence over my webcomic? well, if you haven’t checked out the ‘Hope’ project I did, then go ahead! that took quite a lot of time out of my daily commute to draw each panel for the animatics there, and considering that was for a live event, it was both important and urgent.

What else? Well for a while I have been working on another based in a fantasy setting, something code named ‘FCT’. Having been inspired by Chris Oatley’s blog and podcast, I have decided to produce an animation Pitch Bible for it. I have spent time designing the characters, developing their bios and how their personalities interact, and coming up with an overall story-arch as well as individual episode synopses. This has been a really fun project for me and I hope to get the pitch finished before the new year! I’m planning to send it out to a couple of places/people to see what they think and if they are interested, so I won’t post it straight away, but may show off some of the illustrations.

What have I learned about Mr Think? Well… I have learned that I DO NOT like to draw backgrounds, that I DO like to draw beaten up faces (some of the faces on pg15 really made me laugh) and that I need to challenge myself to get better at drawing dynamic poses and dynamic camera angles. I have tried so hard recently to make each panel a little more interesting without making the characters look like a melting Stretch Armstrong. However, I think the designs of my characters have matured a bit, become a little more simplistic and effective (though after taking a little while off, I kinda forgot how to draw any of the characters).

What is next for Mr Think? Well… I think I have another five pages left of this chapter. So the average comic has 22 pages. I could probably do that before the chapter is out. lets see how that goes, and then it’s on to chapter two.

You see, this chapter is all about introducing the main characters, Think, Honeydue and Cartwrite. The next chapter is about their relationships. After that, the third chapter should provide some form of conclusion… but lets see how that goes. I am kinda doing this as I go, I have a rough plan, but new ideas add to it, subtract from it, and shape it into something different to the original premise.

But for now, I’m gonna mix my focus on this and FTC. I have my dayjob as well, a little games jam idea to work on this week and half of next, and am planning on joining the Leicester’s Writers Club, which would take my Thursday nights away from me. Wish me luck, and I will post an update for Mr Think after I have my next five pages for you all!

As ever, feel free to post a comment, show me some love or buy me a coffee!



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