Hey Guys! So I still have a load of free time at work, and as such I have been able to continue expanding my own skills as an animator.

After learning a lot from the League of Legends exercise I completed a few weeks ago, I decided to do a couple of shorter animations to play with a more fluid and expressive animation style. I also never know when I am going to be pulled onto a project, and as such, I cant afford to do many animations that would last longer than a few days.

First thing is first, the three main rigs I have used here is Kiel Figgins’ awesome Deadpool and Spiderman rigs found here, and MRigs AgentX found here.


Here is a blocked, in-betweened and smoothed out version of the Spider-man animation, and below is the final piece. Due to the cinematic nature of the final piece, the actual animation had to be slowed down a tweak.


I have also added some splash images to emphasise the hits in a style that emulated the up-coming Spider-Verse film (which looks amazing!).

These static images flash up for five frames each, and were created by simply drawing over a still from the animation in Photoshop.

So in a way of retaliation to my last post, in which I claimed Twitter didn’t care about my League animation, Twitter seems to be totally on board with my Spider-man animation! Over a weekend I have gained more than 400 new followers thanks to 1,700+ retweets and 6,400+ likes of a fun little animation I did over three days! It was crazy how, with just the right person seeing the tweet and liking/commenting/retweeting it, my entire Twitter popularity has boosted. As a thanks, I created the final animation above, as a nod to the amazing Octopath Traveller game, and the fact that I had ‘levelled up’ in my own eyes on twitter.

Man… it has been a while since I animated in After Effects!

That’s all for now!



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