Hey guys, so a quick update on yesterday’s Creative Writing Prompt. So basically I have had an idea of making a fantasy children’s story, written and illustrated by myself. Yesterday’s prompt inspired something that would fit into it quite nicely, but it isn’t quite finished yet. I get the feeling that I will be re-workingContinue reading “365 CREATIVE WRITING PROMPTS – DAY 5 – THE DRAGON’S MEAL”

365 CREATIVE WRITING PROMPTS – DAY 4 – The Stone of Light.

Day 4. Another short story. This one, however, was something I have been playing around with for a little while, I just needed an excuse to jot it down. Todays 365 Creative Writing Prompt was: 4. Dancing: Who’s dancing and why are they tapping those toes? It takes me a little while, but I get thereContinue reading “365 CREATIVE WRITING PROMPTS – DAY 4 – The Stone of Light.”

365 Creative Writing Prompts – Day 2

So… Day 2, and something quite different. Here is the prompt from 365 Creative Writing Prompts: 2. The Unrequited love poem: How do you feel when you love someone who does not love you back? I wanted to challenge myself on this one. Dialogue is not my strong point. Monologues and descriptive writing is where IContinue reading “365 Creative Writing Prompts – Day 2”

Oz and Kate Wedding Animation – Modelling!

Hey guys, For the first time I am writing something that I hope non of my friends or family will see, not till next year, anyway. If you are a friend of family member reading this Pre-Wedding, either stop reading NOW, or DON’T TELL ANYONE! In 363 days, I will be getting married to aContinue reading “Oz and Kate Wedding Animation – Modelling!”