Hey guys, So back in May I posted the OZ AND KATE WEDDING ANIMATION – MODELLING! blog, looking at the design principles used when creating the characters and artwork for my wedding. Today I have the follow-up post, showing off the Rig I had created for the characters, but the best way to do this was byContinue reading “OZ AND KATE WEDDING ANIMATION – RIGGING!”

Some More Animations

Hey guys, thought it was high time I’d add a few more animations to the blog. These focus on body mechanics and video reference. Some are better than others, but I think they work well as tests. Marionette Game Animation Tests   Below is a number of tests leading to the pieces above Rig: UltimateContinue reading “Some More Animations”

Oz and Kate Wedding Animation – Modelling!

Hey guys, For the first time I am writing something that I hope non of my friends or family will see, not till next year, anyway. If you are a friend of family member reading this Pre-Wedding, either stop reading NOW, or DON’T TELL ANYONE! In 363 days, I will be getting married to aContinue reading “Oz and Kate Wedding Animation – Modelling!”