PRODUCTION DIARY OF [CENSORED DUE TO NDA] – WEEK 2.1– Some More on Cinematography, Animatics and Mocap Prep

Just throwing this out there… This Production Diary entry is gonna be less about what I did, and more pointing out a couple of techniques and other things I am aware of whilst doing the work. So probably a little less ‘funny-funny-har-har’, and more ‘hmm… I see’. But Hey! let me tell you a coupleContinue reading “PRODUCTION DIARY OF [CENSORED DUE TO NDA] – WEEK 2.1– Some More on Cinematography, Animatics and Mocap Prep”

Production Diary of [CENSORED DUE TO NDA] – Week 1 – Storyboard and Animatic

This year (well… week, really – 4 days if you want to be specific – Monday was a Bank Holiday) I have been mostly spitting out sweet storyboards, filthy and quick, for a short cinematic project that will probably only last a month at most. I wanted to keep a production diary of the process,Continue reading “Production Diary of [CENSORED DUE TO NDA] – Week 1 – Storyboard and Animatic”

Questions Nov17 | Hope Adverts

Over the past three months, a small team of volunteers have been working hard to produce an evening of entertainment. Over the past two nights, this work has been presented to over 400 people in the form of videos, plays, music and discussion panels. The ‘Questions’ event is an initiative of Holy Trinity Church, Leicester,Continue reading “Questions Nov17 | Hope Adverts”


Hey guys, So back in May I posted the OZ AND KATE WEDDING ANIMATION – MODELLING! blog, looking at the design principles used when creating the characters and artwork for my wedding. Today I have the follow-up post, showing off the Rig I had created for the characters, but the best way to do this was byContinue reading “OZ AND KATE WEDDING ANIMATION – RIGGING!”

Some More Animations

Hey guys, thought it was high time I’d add a few more animations to the blog. These focus on body mechanics and video reference. Some are better than others, but I think they work well as tests. Marionette Game Animation Tests   Below is a number of tests leading to the pieces above Rig: UltimateContinue reading “Some More Animations”

Oz and Kate Wedding Animation – Modelling!

Hey guys, For the first time I am writing something that I hope non of my friends or family will see, not till next year, anyway. If you are a friend of family member reading this Pre-Wedding, either stop reading NOW, or DON’T TELL ANYONE! In 363 days, I will be getting married to aContinue reading “Oz and Kate Wedding Animation – Modelling!”